Thursday, July 16, 2009

In Progress

Mark Murphy invited me to participate in the show for the launch of his new site PlanetIllogica at a space near ComicCon in San Diego. Since I'd taken a long hiatus for a year or so, I thought this would be a good show to for me to do and since I didn't have anything laying around for it, it would force me to create something new. So with less that three weeks to do it, here's the piece I came up with and the progression. Only requirements were that it needed to be 12" x 12".

With little time to spare, the first sketch I came up with was what I decided would be the painting....

I originally planned on her wearing a see-thru shirt.

While painting, her face started to change from the original sketch... a little scarier. It's starting to look like a Killer Klown from Outerspace.

I didn't like the shape of her boobs so I roughed in the new shape.

New boobs.

Frizzy hair didn't last to the finished piece.

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anthony t w myers said...

that's really cool seeing your process, love your work.